White screen when navigating from screen that has stripe connect button

Hey all,

I seem to keep a blank white screen anytime I’m on a screen that has the stripe connect button, I don’t necessarily click the stripe button any navigation from this page takes me to a blank white screen I’ve rebuilt this page multiple times added to different page same issue, works without stripe component but if it’s there causes this issue, The component still works if I click it takes me to link stripe account to the app so it’s all working any help?

Hi @Ryzo,

Sorry to hear that. Blank screen can mean that the app has crashed. Please submit the support ticket here Submit a Support Ticket so that Adalo employees could help.


Hey Victor,

I fixed the problem, the stripe button when on a screen with any other items, lists, forms or inputs kept causing the app to crash so I moved it to a modal by itself and is now working, it didn’t solve the underlying issue as to why the app stopped working when it was fine before but got me past the issue for now.

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