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Hello all,

I’m facing the following dilemma: my users can recommend either:

  • users
  • brands (stored in a “Brands” collection)

The use case is to enable users to search for a user or a brand. Is it possible to do that from the same search bar? I haven’t found a way to search and display items that belong to the Users collection as well as the Brands collection in the same UX element.

If I have to ask users which type they want to search and then display the appropriate search bar and results list, then the usability isn’t the best :frowning:

Many thanks for your help!


This may help you out. Creating Custom Searches and Search Bars in Adalo - YouTube

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Many thanks! The video was very informative but it doesn’t seem to apply in my case :frowning:

Unless I am mistaken, that tutorial enables to search multiple properties within the same Collection whereas I would need to search multiple collections .

I’m not sure if this is even possible :frowning:

Hmmm… good question. I’m not sure on that one. I will have to do some research. I am hoping that Adalo allows for searching this OR that, instead of this AND that. Maybe allowing us to choose between the two. That should be easy enough for them to do…?

Hi @jnestour @nodnarb1129

Some thoughts:

  • the collections (users or brands) are displayed as lists
  • search bar (=input field) works in a way that the value from this input acts as a filter for the list
  • I think it is not possible to have one list containing multiple collections
    Possible workaround: have 2 lists (users & brands), and use single input as filter. You will have 2 sections on the screen though.
    And this will work like a filter (at first all results are displayed, and they are filtered out after search).
    I’ve made a short illustrative video: Adalo experiments - filtering multiple lists - YouTube

@Victor Many thanks!
This could indeed work as a great workaround :slight_smile:

@nodnarb1129 Thanks for the help!
Yes, I really hope they will allow that at some point!

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