Multi-search from multiple categories

Hello, I am hoping I can get some help setting up this search function. I would like to create a screen where a user can search for other users by their name and their skills. I have tried the blank screen method and the method of creating a search index and could not quite get that to work. (This is the video that I followed and then tried playing with some similar options to see if I could work something out: Creating Custom Searches and Search Bars in Adalo - YouTube ) Part of the problem may be that I have the users selecting their skills from a multi-select drop-down which in most cases seems like it only gives a data option of count rather than displaying what those items are.

One of the options that I tried was this, which is the update action from the multi-select drop-down which works to add the skills to the user. I tried this with both the single “Skill Name” and multiple “Skill Name” and the result is the same skill populating the search index multiple times no matter how many other skills may have been selected.

Another option that I tried but will not work is adding a button that would update the user >search index but this method gives me no option for the skills other than count and I would like to be able to search by the skill. This was the same problem that I ran into using the blank screen.

Does anyone have any ideas, or is what I am describing not quite possible?
Thank you for the help!

Bump, Help please. If there is anything I can provide to help clarify my question please let me know.

Hey Katie,

I would suggest not writing long paragraphs, could you summarize your issue within a couple of sentences? I’d be happy to help if you could. :slight_smile:

@James_App_Maker Sorry for seeming long-winded. I wanted to explain what I had already tried, so people could see the problem.

I would like to create a screen where a user can search for other users by their name and their skills.

  • The skills and users are stored in two different databases.
  • There are different types of users, identified by a true/false property.
  • The search is only for one user type.
  • All that I can find for skills is count, not the values.

Hi, I had the same problem once, her’s what i did,
when having multiple categories to filter from, I add a text field in the collection and put all the categories inside, like that I can show the main categories in my screens, but in the search field i can type whatever I want that is related to the item i’m looking for,

hope it’s clear, if not, just tell me here

I think I understand what you are saying, create a field in the collection that will have all of the information that needs to be searched through within it? If I’m not understanding let me know.

I did try to create a “search index” in one of the collections, where the name and the skills would be merged; but was having trouble with getting it to contain both the name and the skills as well as showing more than a single skill.

1st: don’t creat a new collection just for search index, instead add just a column “property (text field)” to your existing collection
2nd: when you creat a new entry put a “creat new item” action to your button and, then add “update new item” action to the same button, go on the update item menu go to your “search index field” and use magic text to fill it with all your needed words (name, skill1, skill2, usertype, etc…)
and you’re done, it’ll do magic for you…

I have seen a lot of people use this method but I keep running into the problem that for the skills the only option I have with the magic text is count.
Or I get the option to use skill name but it only adds the last skill selected.

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