Search bar jumps around when inputting

I have a search bar that’s tied to an input field so when someone adds a value, it returns a list. However, depending on how many items are in the list, the results page jumps around.

You’ll see in the photos that the search bar is basically in the center when no input. When I type the letter A, the search bar jumps to the top, when I type in another letter, it jumps a little lower.

Any suggestions on how to keep the search bar fixed, no matter how many results are returned?

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In the field settings, set the value to top and it should work

Ohh, that could work. Is there a specific component it should be on? I have a search bar, a results list, then a back arrow button at the top.

I changed all components to TOP but it looks like it’s still jumping around.


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Not necessary on all components! Only on the input search component

@Nikolay-Puh, appreciate the ideas. Not sure that worked :confused: See photos.

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What did you fail? I just can’t understand))

I would hold the position by placing a box above the search field the height I wanted the field to stay from top, and then give the box the same color as the background. this will render the box invisible and stop the field from moving.

hope that helps

My fault, I didn’t describe it accurately. I think another member suggested something, mixed with your idea, that would work.

Basically set the search bar to “top” and create an rectangle component same color as the background and place it where I want the search bar to have a max height.

Thanks again for the earlier suggestion.

Ahhh, I think that’ll solve it. Appreciate it @rjp!

don’t need to set to top if you have a bar as a place holder between the top of the page and your search bar.

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