Search List not working?

Hi all, tried using the template “search list” page but it doesnt allow me to select the user’s input to search from.

Was following the tutorial online: Search Bar Tutorial - YouTube

Am I missing anything? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Joey :wave:

It’s because you have enabled the List Search option in the simple list. So disable that option and add a Input component and try to set the filter. And if you enabled the List search then no need to add the Input component to search.

Thank you

Thanks for the quick reply once again @dilon_perera !

I see. But isnt the point of having a “search list page” to enable the search bar?
If not I could’ve just added in my own simple list and input component.

Plus, if you watch the tutorial, the lady uses the “search list” page directly (though its a little weird cause when the lady selects the simple list the search bar is not selected while mine selects the whole component)

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She added the List search screen so the search bar is enabled

Your welcome

I didn’t get it. So when you add your simple list you can enable the List search option. Then no need to add the Input component for search.

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Ah I think I get where I was confused.

Apparently I dont have to select the “users input” now like in the tutorial. I just needed to select which list to search from.

Thanks again @dilon_perera. You da man

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Hmm yeah.

Your welcome :facepunch:

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