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How can I add a search feature to the custom list?

I know that there is a screen that includes a simple list + search feature but I need it to be a custom list? And I can’t seem to find how to add it.

I’m building a chat app.

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Hi @AnnaMedic,

You just need to add a input component to the screen and name it as like search box and then in your custom list add a custom filter that name ( the property you need to be searched )>contains>other components>search box.

See here : Search Box.mp4 - Google Drive

Just adding this video if you need to see a message if the search results are empty : No Results Found for Custom Lists.mp4 - Google Drive

Thank you

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Hello @AnnaMedic . In order to do that you can create an input component above the custom list. Then add a filter to the list that is (“Name (Searched property)” Contains “Input”. ’

Thank you!

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