List Search doesn't have option for "Search input" on filter

I want to use list search that searches the users collection.
I have found an example in the “Coaching” template, and I’ve attempted to replicate it.
However, when I set my filters there is no option for “Search Input” even when I set the filter exactly as show in the other app.
Not sure what I’m missing.

More detail:
User has a T/F for “Sub” : Filter is set for “Sub is True”
User had a text field for “Full Name”: I try to set the filter to “Full Name > Contains > Search Input” as shown in the coaching app. The only options are for “Logged in User”

Can you please send some screenshots please

Could you share a screen recording (I recommend Loom) of your screens and settings?

Thanks for being wiling to have a look!

Thanks for the video.

It looks like the issue is with your input field on that screen. Did you make the input field also part of the list?

If so, undo the list. Create it again, but this time around, don’t include the input field as part of the list. Leave alone.

Try again.

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It worked! Hours of digging, and 30 seconds with your eyes on it. Much appreciated.

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