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Hi everyone. I am new to Adalo and am wondering if this is even possible. I want to have the Google Map used to locate bookstores near the user. So essentially, instead of going to Google maps and them typing in Bookstores, the app would do that for them. Is there a way to have the Map that shows up run this search query based on the users device location? thank you!

Hi @Trouty15 ,
Yes, should be doable, you can ask to show your current location directly in the map:

It will show something like 1

And 2nd is all the Markers you can display for the bookstores (they can be customized to icons)


Hi @Trouty15,

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Adalo released lot of Location features and there’s a component for search addresses that may help here!

See here :

Thank you

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Thank you @dilon_perera and @JL_LJ . I will take a look at your suggestions!

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I have the location part figured out, I just can’t seem to find how to force Google maps to look for anything that contains the word “bookstore” in it. I want users to open the app, go to the Map, and then see bookstores near them without having to type it in themselves.

Why look for word Bookstore? Do you have more type of listings other than “Bookstores”?

That’s my problem. I don’t know how to get anything on the map to show up other than me typing it in manually into the data. I want the map to be able to search “bookstore” as if I was a user typing it in manually. I just don’t see where to input that word as a search for the map to run without the end users input needed…other than using their device’s location.

No worries. I cannot make a video now, but just attach here a template with 3 maps:

  1. Multi locations (Home)
  2. Multi locations filter with category (Map 2)
  3. Using multi locations and geolocation (my device) and displaying multi locations. Make sure you add a couple of locations next to where you are geolocated, if not the map will be very zoomed out.

Just clone, add your Google API key and make some tests.


Thanks I’ll play around with this one! I appreciate it.

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