Searching a complete collection (lazy load issue)

Hello everyone. Looking for some ideas here.

I have a custom collection of about 1,600 people. I have the list set to “load on scroll” to optimize for speed.

My issue is that I need users to be able to search, for example, by Company Name. The problem I am seeing is that it is only searching the few records it is initially loading and not the complete collection.

I found someone else in here with a post about this “lazy load search issue” but they didn’t get any resolution to it.

Seems like an important issue, so there must be a solution, right?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

not sure why this is happening! can you add some screenshots of the list setup
on my side things are working perfectly, with lazy load and search, all good even with thousands of records :thinking:

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Yes, Thank you.
The list is a collection of professional relationships my members have. I am using the simple list component and using the list’s search tool. I have added 2 filters to break it up and make it more useful to the user.

The first 20 records on the list load fast and as long as I’m typing something in the search field that is already displayed in the list, I’m fine. But if I search by a company name for example (that I know is in the list multiple times) and it has not been loaded yet, then it will not filter by that to display.

Hi Matt @get-the-memo,

Interesting bug. I’ve tested it in my sample app - 10K records, in a simple list.
Here is what I found:

  • when you start entering value in the filter immediately after you open the page, lazy loading stops working.
  • when you first scroll down to the bottom of the list (so next portion loads), and then enter the value in a filter, lazy loading works for filtered items and it loads new portions of the filtered data when you scroll down.
  • when I added a regular Input and used this Input’s value as a filter for the List, lazy loading worked from the very beginning.

So, you’ve found a bug in Simple List - might be a good idea to submit a ticket to Adalo. As a workaround, using Input should work.


Thank you so much @Victor for looking into this! I will make some adjustments and retest.

Appreciate you!

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