Lazy Load Issue in Not Searching Entire Database

I’m having the same issue as described here:
[Searching a complete collection (lazy load issue) - #3 by get-the-memo]

My database is about 50k entries, and when I search by location, the correct results show on my google map, but the only results that show in the list are the ones in the top 20ish results on the list before the search entry.
So search by location is only searching about 20 entries instead of 50k. If I turn off the option “load as user scrolls” the app times out.

Help please!

I don’t think this is solvable

So Adalo just can’t support a large database? Seems like a serious design flaw.

You using simple list?

And what type of search you have? is it input form the list or custom?

If it is Simple list with integrated search, I raised this as a bug to Adalo about 8 months ago.

Well about Adalo structure I have my own minds and I will show via few weaks somewere else. Ok, so let’s came back to your problem. Search. Hmm… now I am using Algolia search engine, so I don’t have any problems with search. And what means search? It means that must be looked all records and filtering only those, which you want, let’s say only guys from USA. So search action isn’t easy action and it requires much resources. So bigger DB requires more time to handle it. Can Adalo handle with that? I don’t know. Make your decisions by your own eyes.

Bugs there was a lot. Now I am not here, so don’t know. By the way - Adalo fixed for example shadow issue in Android? Or visabilities big issues? They was totaly buged.

It’s a simple list, and input is from a google search. My current work around is by changing the filter around.

Is Algolia search engine a plug in for Adalo?

Hello, If you’re still experiencing the issue, please try to replace the simple list with a custom list and activate the “Load as user scrolls” option. If the issue persists, please try to replace the current input with a (Text input) component.

Thank you!