Searching by keywords and not by exact string of words

Hi everyone,
I am working on a sneakers app with Adalo. Since our database includes 25k+ items, I am looking for ways to simplify the searching experience.

Let’s take an example. Currently we use the classic filter offered in Adalo where a user can search a sneaker whose Name contains Search Input.
In that situation, if a user wants to find, let’s say the Nike SB Dunk Low Safari he has to type at least 2 or 3 words of the full name in the correct order (ex: “dunk low safari”).
But if he types “dunk safari” the search engine won’t return any result, because the user has not typed the exact string of words.

That’s why I would like to find a way to search by keywords that would allow users to find shoes in a more intuitive way.

Does anyone have an idea of how I could do this?
Sorry if I am not clear.

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Try to use “contains” instead of “equals to” , that might work.

Are you using Adalo database or external collection?

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Thanks, but actually I already use the “Contains” filter and it seems to only work for exact sequences of words, unfortunately :confused:

I am using an Adalo database.

I don’t think you have a capability to perform dynamic searches in Adalo.

If you’re using external databases, you’ll have flexibility in building faceted searches to meet your need. Unfortunately there’s no other solution i can think of within Adalo

Alright, too bad.
I’ll try to use filters instead! Thanks for your help.

I have the same problem with my Adalo database, haven’t found a proper solution yet. It makes performing searches within your app unnecessarily complicated for users. Searching by keywords seems to be the standard way to navigate any spreadsheet out there.

Agreed, the current way of filtering isn’t the most intuitive for users, especially when you start having large databases.

Hope someone at Adalo could hear us!

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It’ll ideal to raise a feature request for it, forum requests rarely goes into the roadmap.

Just added it! Search More than One Property | Voters | Adalo

I do have a question about search. Is there anyway not to show all the record before filtering.
I would like to type in the search box and as letters are type a list starts to display and the user can select an item from the list and then be taken to another page.


To do this you would add another filter for> all medication contains > form inputs: search

Thanks James…
I think thats the problem there is no link back from the list to the information in the input component.
I only see all as a choice All, no reference back to input box.

I’m trying to do this:
The input box is blank, the list is blank. I type something in the lnput box the list begin to populate then I select what is in the list.
Thanks Again

Could you take a screenshot of it?

Hope you can help this is a real issue. I have a large medical database.

@dazzycoffee Could I get access to your app so I could fix it? It’s just easier instead of relpy backing and forth. You add me to your app in settings.

Im just on the free serice right now. don’t know if this will work.If this can be fixed I will be moving to a paid plan

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the free or paid plan. It’s just a simple mistake.

If you don’t know how to add someone to your app. Then click add team member

@dazzycoffee I believe you added me wrong. You need to go to the specific app’s settings and add me as a team member for that app.

Hey did I get it right this time?

No, I didn’t get an email saying that you added me to the app.