Searching by keywords and not by exact string of words

Yeah you still added me to your team.

To add me to your specific app:

  1. Click on the settings icon image
  2. Click on App Access image
  3. Then click add team member.

Yep, did that…You should have gotten it

Spoke too soon. I got it!

Ok! I fixed it. It was a pretty simple fix. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks James, but this is what I had before. Unless I have missed somthing in your update.
Im looking at Med2 clone. Thanks again for your time.

I’m trying to do this:
The input box is blank, the list is blank. I type something in the lnput box the list begin to populate then I select what is in the list.

Here is something a I tested in another app work great:


Ok, I did what you wanted could you check if that’s right?

Ok it seems to work, the system maybe slow on the update of list. Ok you have to share I dont seen any change in the setup.

Thanks for your help please share what you did.

Sorry for being late… This is the same app you gave me access to

Thanks James, so much for your time.