Add NLP Search Capabilities (Natural Language Processing)

Hey there,

noticed simple search component on Adalo doesn’t do the job well enough. I made sure it would be case insensitive, would ignore spacing etc. - still not good enough.

Ideally we could build an NLP-based search that would ignore typos, spelling mistakes, brittish vs american english, synonyms, and, most importantly, would show result suggestions when only one of the search inquiry words matches a list item (e.g. to show “bread” when an inquiry “bread roll” is typed in).

Do you have any suggestions? Any ready made plugins? APIs? Or any tips and tricks how to update the search to solve for at least some of the above mentioned needs.

Search performance is such a crucial feature for any app/page these days… so I think this could be relevant to a lot of Adalo builders.


I can’t leave no one else experienced an issue like this? Nobody else needs a proper search engine on their Adalo app?

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