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Hello how are you? Do you know if through a component webview I can see a link of a location? because if I make a button that says see location with a link to the url the user leaves the app… I would like him to see it on the same page

Hi @Santiago,

You can use the map component!

If you don’t want to use that I think you could use Google Maps API URL parameter’s on a webview component.

Thank you

Hello, thanks for the answers, the map component needs to create a google account and it is a high cost to start from what I saw, I just put the html inframe of the location and it opens the mail without problems!

In Google for embed you need a API Key. : Embedding a map  |  Maps Embed API  |  Google Developers

Found another source that you can try with the Pragmaflow Better Web-view component! :

Great, if I am using the html and there I insert the html code of the location… Thank you very much.

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