Searching a Google Map

I have a google map set up and I would like to be able to search on this map. Is this possible? (imagine the search bar when you open google maps)

If you can provide help here would be great.

You could simply have a text input field and when they click search, it updates logged in user > searchcriteria.

The map marker location would be logged in user > searchcriteria.


I tried doing the same for my map but it shows same location/address for any search input.
What am I doing wrong?


it might be a case of the map not refreshing. Does it work if you transition to another page where the map is displayed?

@theadaloguy - That will only allow you to search one specific place though.
For example - “five guys” … I’d like to see a list of five guys locations on the map, but this isn’t possible with your above approach. Similarly, if I wanted to get back a list of places based on my search result.

Indeed what I’ve posted is just quite a crude/basic system. You may be able to do more with the Google API, I haven’t tried it so far though. I’ll let you know if I come across a good way to do this.

Ok I’ve had a play and this works quite well-

Use a Webview (not the google maps component). In the webview use the following URL:

Change the URL to include your Google Maps API key, and QUERY to be magic text for the user’s search.

@theadaloguy thanks nathan for looking in to this. I am building a native mobile app (iOS) though where the core feature is ideally interacting with the Google Map UI. I want to avoid using a webview that is embedded in to an iOS UI. Ideally what I would like to accomplish in Adalo is:

  1. Leverage the Google Map Component as the core UI
  2. Create functionality somehow that enables a user to do the following when visiting the page the Map is on:
  • Search via google API and retrieve a list of places data that I can use to create a custom-designed list (basically same UX as you might expect when using google maps app)

What I am trying to wonder is…it seems Adalo only provides the Google Maps Component but no added Google API support to go with it that Adalo users can leverage to make the map more functional? Maybe I am wrong but if you have any ideas here would be amazing!!!

I think you’re right that the Google maps component won’t help to achieve what you need. You will have to look into custom actions and use the Google api directly. I don’t really have experience doing this unfortunately. You might need to check the Google api docs, and also search this forum about Google api as I’m sure this question has come up before and you might find the answers pointing you in the right direction.

If you have some success please do come back and share how you got there.

Just to be clear you can probably still use the Google maps component as the core UI- but beyond that you need to use Google api directly.

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