Selecting one option or another on a single screen

First question:

Is there a way to provide a checklist of options for a user but only allow them to select one?

For example, if user selects “Mail a Bag/Box” they shouldn’t be allowed to also select “Email Shipping Label” and vice versa.

Second question:

Trying to think through how then I can dynamically calculate what to charge based on the selection(s).

For example, if a user selects “Mail a Bag/Box” and “Return My Items” and “One Week Processing,” I’d like to be able to show at the bottom a “Total Cost” that sums up the price.

Guessing I need to create each as an “Item” collection and have each as an “Item” then each item has a “Price” and so for the Total Price it would be a sum of each item?

Any help is appreciated.


Hi @greg_noobdiscs,

Reg. question 1: yes, it is possible. You can add an action on toggle, which explicitly sets the state of the other toggles. Remember, they are connected to True/False fields and set their values instantly.

Reg question 2: Your idea sounds feasible. As you are creating an order, why not to add these positions to the order as separate items?

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