Send a mail to all the children of an object


In my database, I have for exemple the objects above :

  • Entity who has a list of Users
  • User who
    • have on mail adress
    • belong to one Entity

When an object is created in the application, I want to send a mail (and not a notification) to all the Users of this entity (one unique mail with to : all the Users of the entity, cc the Looged in user).

I dont know how to send all users email separated with “;” to zapier.

Do you know how to do this ?


Hi @Theo,

As for me, a countdown timer + custom action of email sending may help. The principles of bulk update could be seen here:

Please note, with this solution you’ll send X emails for X users, not one for them all.

Similar question was discussed here:

As for creating a single string composed of several records (email addresses) - there is no easy way to do it in Adalo, unfortunately.

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks for your answer.
I have already seen your method (maybe I will use it to send notifications) but the fact of not being able to send an email to all entity users with the user logged in in copy annoys me a bit.
I think to be more complete Adalo should include triggers and database-side scripts.

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