Sending email with list

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Hope you are well. I am creating an app where users will have a list of items (with their own properties) attributed to them and they can add and remove to this list as they need to.

What i am looking to do, is email their full list to themselves with the click of a button. I have set up the custom action, but i can only pull the count of the items and not the list. Any suggestions?

I have the same problem…

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I think this video might help you…

check out this topic as well.

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If I’ve understood you correctly: Each app user account has a list associated with it (for example a list of the user’s cars). The number of items in this list can vary.
When the user clicks a button, the app should send an email to the user and the email body should include their list (of cars)?
If so, then I’ve created a crude demo app which has a custom list of cars with a ‘countdown’ component. When the page is loaded, the countdown component appends the properties of each car (Name, TopSpeed) to a text field. The resulting, aggregated, text field value can then be supplied into an email body field.
Using a countdown is a very clunky way of doing this!! But it’s the only method available in Adalo to my knowledge.
Here’s link to the demo app: Testbed
You can create a login with any credentials.

Again, this is just a crude way to demonstrate the technique. If it’s what you’re after then it will need refinement (HTML in the list maybe, hiding the custom list etc…).