Send a simple string to a screen by actions?


How i can send a string to a screen props by an actions link?

Hi @SunD,

Not sure what do you mean - could you please explain a bit?

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I have created a date picker custom for a project and when the user click on a date i want to sent the date in format string or format to a screen and i don’t know if it’s possible because in the doc of adalo i don’t see something who do this :confused:


Hi @SunD,

In order to do something with the date, first you need to store it somewhere - i.e. in some property in some collection record.
If you use the date “app-wide”, then one of the ways to store it is to create a specific property in users collection and store it there.
After that you can access the property value and display it using a Magic Text.


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So i need to make an action ‘update’ who change the date field in the collection of the current user so i need to use the api url generate by collections for doing this i think ? :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response

Hi @SunD,

I sincerely apologise, but I find it difficult understanding what you would like to do.

There is no way to “send something to the screen”, via API or not. Adalo apps a based on data stored in the DB collections. If you would like to change the data for a record in the collection, than you need to use “Update” action. You can set up this action directly in the app builder.


It’s ok I totally understood how to solve my problem I was just asking if it’s the api url generated by the collections that I have to use when I want to update a collection, the answer seems pretty logical but I ask anyway haha

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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