How to update the screen with a nice UX while updating screen values after a new record is added from calling an external API through custom action


So I am making a calculator which would update the result on the screen. The calculator however calls a integromat process which does the calculation through a Google Cloud Function and updates the Adalo records. On updation of the Adalo record, the result is shown on screen. This might take a few seconds and ideally I would want to update the result values when the user drags the slider/updates a value in the screen without having to click a submit button or to navigate to a different screen.

What’s the best way to simulate this from a UX perspective?
Or can I write a small python code within Adalo somewhere?

Thanks a lot!

In this video there is a pop up that floats over everything. For a loading screen or loading pop up, you can use a lottie animation, and follow the principles in the video using custom visibility on components. You can have this grouped with a hidden countdown timer, which then hides the pop-up again after a given interval, for example 5 seconds.

This however kind of relies on a user pressing a button to update the value - i’m not sure the best way this could be triggered otherwise.