Sending a Link to specific App Page

I am creating a reservation app. I was able to make it so that when a User creates a reservation, a “Reservation Code” is generated. I would like to make it so that a link is generated, that the user can send to thier friends via text, email or whatever. When the reciever clicks the link, I would like it to take them to the “Reservation Join Page” . This is where users can enter a “reservation Code” and request to be added to the reservation. The part I need help with is wether or not it is possible to create a link that takes users to a specific page of the app, even if they are not currently in the app. IDeally I could make to where the text input box is pre-filled based on the link.

Although you won’t be able to do this with a link, you could set this up in a screen where if the user enters that code, they are able to join that reservation (update action -> add user to reservation) and you can set this up as a conditional action so that it only happens if the code is correct.

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