Adalo chat video problems

Hi, I have been watching one of the Adalo tutorial videos on adding chat to an app. However, I am unable to get it working and looking at the comments I’m not the only person struggling, and even the autohor admits it is out of date.

Is there an updated version of this tutorial or has anyone figured out how to get it working and is happy to share?

thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @chapperzz,

When making this what are the issues the you faced? And also you can search for Adalo Chat clone to clone it learn it from there too! I know that this video is old and nowadays Adalo has been updated but you can follow this video because same setup! This video is also good and 1 year old! : Ultimate guide on how to create a CHAT feature in Adalo (Text, Images, Chatrooms, like WhatsApp) - YouTube

Thank you

Hi Dilon, I am going to go through the whole video again to see if I have made any mistakes. I will get back to you if I need any help.

Thanks :grin:

Ok I give up :grin:

I have this problem all the time, where I don’t have any options for the current user! I created a new screen and linked from the ‘all users’ screen in the hope that it would pull in the data I need, but I still only see Logged In User (I have also logged out in the preview)

So when I am creating the button which creates a new chatroom for 2 people I can only add 1, the logged in user.

How can I sort this?

Could you check the available data in this Chatrooms screen? ( Select the screen > Available Data section on the left side )

If you like you can give me access to your app by adding this email :

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