Sending List Data to ChatGPT

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been searching but and tried different ideas but am now stuck.

What I’m trying to do:

  • When the user clicks on “submit” it should send the contents of field X from the last three entire as one line in the JSON body to ChatGPT.


  • A user writes three separate stories. Their goal is to turn the three stories into one cohesive story by using ChatGPT. They want to send all three stories to ChatGPT at once so it will have all the information to process and return back a single story.

What I’ve done so far:

  1. I used a list to bring back all the stories and have limited it to 3 records.
  2. If I add a button to the list and then use a custom action, I can only send a single story.
  3. I’ve tried creating a list of three stories within the list with a submit button as suggested here, but even then, I still can’t send the contents of the entire second list upon clicking submit.

Is there a way I can send the entire contents of a list by combining it into one entry and sending it to ChatGPT?

Thank you so much!

Hi @rayc,

It is quite cumbersome to get several records from a list, combine them and then use the result (custom action, etc.)
One of possible solutions is to use platforms like Make to prepare the data.


Hi Victor,

Got it. Thank you. Yeah, I’ve been trying in many different ways but it is so difficult.

Would something like this that I’m trying to do work if I was to use AirTable without using Make? I would like to use Make but the cost to go from Professional to Teams is 4X :frowning:

This is very easy and I have did this in one of my client’s app! It’s with this amazing component made by @knight! :point_down:

Let me know for any questions!

Thank you

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@dilon_perera Good to know that there is a component which helps to extract multiple records from a list. Didn’t see any announcements about it though and I can’t see any detailed description. Is there a possibility to choose the fields from which this CSV is formed? And is it possible to choose the parameters for “listifying” - e.g. how many from a collection items are merged?
Or this component is a kind of a list with filters, and it somehow returns back the string with all values from “Name” field, for the records which match these filters?

Without such component the extraction of a multiple items is cumbersome.

@rayc using Airtable to store conversations, then extract the values with Make and send them to ChatGPT API could be an option. Although as I remember Airtable also imposed some limits on the API calls recently.


Got it - thank you both for your help! I’ll see what is possible and not… definitely not as easy as I thought it was going to be…

I purchased this and testing it, but when it extracts it, it extracts it into one CSV or JSON. How do I then break that up so I can send it in three separate magic text fields?

Essentially I’m trying to send the last three entries from the list as three separate fields but not sure how to break it up. thank you!


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Sorry for the late reply!

Oh… You need to break it down? I guess you couldn’t and you may need to use MAKE or JS component made by Pragmaflow. I think using MAKE would be good because Pragmaflow team dosen’t maintain there components and if a issue arrise that would be issue.

You could send the generated csv to MAKE and split it and update the Adalo DB using split function in MAKE. Check this example one : MAKE Split CSV.mp4 - Google Drive