Sending to external api from a list of user table

{"token": "token1",

imagine a table with one to many relationship i.e one user can have multiple token
im looping through the table in the database with the list component which was successful. i want to make an external api call when the user clicks on any of the looped button
e.g if user clicks on button1 it should make an api call with the token of button1

hi, just create your custom action normally and populate the inputs with the relevant token

thanks for your response. the thing is the data is dynamic meaning there will be more data coming as the user might decide to add more token . meaning more buttons to click and this button is supposed to fetch data from an external url


all these token are different okay… they are bank access tokens from a third party api. and the user connects his app with the third party to make request anytime

where do tokens come from ? (I mean is there an api request that is done prior to the one you want to make?
where are the dynamic tokens stored ?

they come from plaid and each bank account the user connects his apps to comes with a token.
to fetch data upon the user request and these tokens are encrypted and stored in adalo database. and its these token the user uses to fetch data from plaid anytime the user wants

so the dynamic tokens are on adalo at the moment you need them to do your custom action? right ?
then just use magic text to get them for each user on the custom action,

if possible post screenshots of your custom action inputs and parameters

well i figured it out. each user has an access token

table name
1 user
2 token
type relationship
token to user many to one relationship

it means a user can have many token so magic text wont be able to map through all the token to pick a particular token; it rather picks the table(token) count as the value instead of the token itself

i used a list to iterate the table(database collection: token) then got each token then embedded the token to the external link json body

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