Sequential Numbering

Hi All - just about to start building! But just want to ensure that I can create a sequential numbering system. When I (or user) creates a record, I need to apply a unique and sequential ID number (not a user number) for the record. Is that possible?

When creating the record you could have the ID as (record collection -> count)+1. So if there are 20 records already in the collection, the ID will be saved as 21.


Hi @scoop,

The advice of @theadaloguy is the easiest one.

Please note, that for this case you need to be absolutely sure that no any record is deleted from the collection; otherwise the numbering will go wrong.

Out of curiosity, I’ve decided to replace “Count” with ID->Maximum:

If you have an ID as Number, and upon creation put ID->Maximum+1 at the new record, then deleting old records shouldn’t affect the sequence.



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