Sequential script steps speed / sequential record creation

Hi Adalo
I am trying to increase performance within Adalo script steps. The time for multiple action steps to execute on click is far too long.

In this scenario, I am attempting to generate responses and values for a user before they land on a particular page. This requires me to create 40+ records in the database using sequential script steps. The execution time is approximately 2 minutes. This is an issue.

From a script perspective even with overheads and additional content loading I would hope this to be under 5 seconds?

Is there any way that this could be optimized in my application?


@argus42 I’m not quite sure what the setup is that you have created. If you could provide some more details of your goal and some screenshots your setup I can perhaps make some suggestions on how to improve it or suggest alternative ways to achieve what you are trying to accomplish.

I have a similar observation when creating 7 records for each day of the week in a sequence of create and update actions.
The problem is that we don’t have server side loops. So every action (create or update a record) goes the full cycle of send / verify / response etc. with a lot of round trips.

It seems there is obviously a need for this then.

Would either of you be able to articulate this in to a feature request?

@Colin @argus42 I added a reference to the existing request

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