A newbie on Adalo

Hello, an Adalo Newbie here. I’m building an application for my personal accountant studio. I found it great to use and it’s learning curve is very fast. I just found out that sometimes the app is slow, is there a planned update of the platform to increase its performance ?
A screenshot of my homepage, I’ve got some help from my friend @Eugen :crossed_fingers:t2::blush:

Thanks in advance :muscle:

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Hi and Welcome!

Be sure to read over these Do’s and Don’ts -

Read and subscribe to Adalo’s performance updates (it’s been quiet for a while, but when there’s an update, it’ll show here).

Also just need to realize that no-code tech like this is meant for precisely what you mentioned you love about it so far being; great to use and has an easy learning curve. Adalo is meant for as many people as possible to build as many types of apps as possible. Performance simply won’t be as fast as a fully-coded app designed for one purpose of one customer. That being said, they’re working on it as fast as possible on all fronts of performance. When I first joined over 18 months ago, a simple back button would literally take over a minute to work. I imagine 2022 is going to be chalked full of performance improvements.


Thank you so much for your help. I appreciated it.
I visited the performance’s page and it looks like the same since October.
I hope for an improvement
Anyway I love the no-code system, it’s really funny to use. I’m sure I will spent some time on it
Luckily i already know some tip from @Eugen