Issue Creating and Updating a Record With The Same Button

Hey everyone! I have something that I keep running into issues with in Adalo.

I’m trying to make a single clock in/clock out button that employees can tap that will create a timesheet record (with clock in time and location) if they aren’t clocked in, and if they are clocked in, it will update that record with clock out time and location and clock them out.

I’ve created several iterations of this, but I consistently ran into problems since Adalo doesn’t execute actions sequentially.

My last iteration involved setting a user variable that only allowed clock ins and clock outs to happen if the variable was the correct value, and a countdown timer was used to set the correct value after each clock-in/clock-out.

Despite that, I’m not able to update the same record from the same button at all. And unless I’m missing something, I haven’t found a way to update that record from a separate button either.

If anyone has recommendations, I’d very much appreciate it.

This sounds similar to few cases I am facing as well, try to switch off the “Instant Navigation” since it was causing issues for me on multiple actions

Where exactly do I switch off Instant Navigation?

Also, this button doesn’t change screens. It’s a single button on one screen.

adalo instant nav

but since no navigation happening on this button, then this is not the same case I am facing, and you wont see the instant navigation switch unless the button is going to another screen

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Ah, yeah, for sure. This works a bit differently, but that’s still good to know, thank you.

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Hi @EchoTheOracle,

Adalo should execute the action sequentially, irrespective of Instant navigation being turned on or off.
There are some cases when the next action doesn’t yet have the data which is modified by a previous action, but these cases are quite rare. Could you please share your setup (screenshots or video) and explain what is exact place where you face the problem?


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