Set cart expiration to delete order items

Hey all, read a few other threads on this from a while back and was wondering if there is a way to accomplish this without using integromat.
When someone ads an item to an order they have 5 minutes to checkout or the item will be removed from the order and the inventory is updated.
Seems simple but I cannot figure it out and all i could find was a complicated system using integromat.


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You could use a countdown timer, but this is dependent on the user having the app open for the timer to continue the count, as it doesn’t record the time in the collection; it’s user device-side only.

Also, to add to that, if the customer leaves whatever page you have the timer setup (let’s say the cart, for example), the timer will reset.

Nocodemonkey made a timer component that transfers the count from page to page, and has some relationship to the database/collections, but I’m not sure if his timer continues counting down when the app is closed or if it just stores the last known time when the user had the app open, and then starts the count at that point when the user reopens the app. I’ve actually wondered this, but haven’t purchased the component to find out.

@Michael could answer this question.

Yeah that would be great to know if so i would definitely buy it. Or if theres some kind of work around to make it work

maybe one could do it without the countdown. Do we think it would be possible to do it by order item created date? Say if the created date is after 1 day ago move to a different collection which you could manually add items back to inventory from an admin. Or filter the order items list to only show items created less than 1 day ago and the reverse on the admin side

This could work.

So I have been trying to make this work but I seem to be doing something wrong with filtering. I want the list to only show order items created within the last 5 minutes, any created past that will not be shown.

I have tried many different combinations and none work, the list just shows up empty. What am I missing!!

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