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Hello everyone!
I have a issue with the countdown. I created a list and put a countdown that count the time between the current time and the settled expiration date of the item. Then I want that when the countdown expires some actions occurs, for example a notification is sent or the item is delated,
The action works but only if the user open the screen when the list is displayed.
I have two parts app so the item must disappear regardless of the user’s access or not. How can I do? Thank you!

Hi @Filli!

This tutorial on the Adalo App Academy might be of use: Mass Update Records (and more!) with the Countdown Timer.

Happy building!


Thank you but I don’t need to understand how to implement the action.
The problem is that the action linked to the countdown when finished does not complete if I don’t open the screen when the countdown is put.
i need that the countdown action runs in the backend.

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I believe the countdown component only works app-side (user’s device) and doesn’t actually have a relationship to the collections or backend, where it would continue the count even when a user isn’t actively looking at the app.

Though I haven’t looked into this personally, have you explored if using the date/time collection component would work to achieve your goal?

Alternatively, I feel like I read somewhere there is a countdown component that logs its count with the database, but I’m thinking it was a third-party component. I’d have to look again to remember correctly on that.

This - 🐒 New Countdown Timer | New Component from NoCode Monkey

Maybe using MAKE ( Integromat ) or Zapier?

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I am trying to add in each list a hidden countdown that set the expiration time

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