Set list to display only one item


I need a way to display only one item in a list. I want to display all items in a list individually so that I can execute different actions on each item using a countdown timer.

Maxumium items in the list will be 4.

The youtube video is missing so I do not know how to display each item in list. This is exactly what I need.

Hey @eduscvs,

You can use filters in the list so that you can narrow down the number of items displayed. E.g. if you have a list of Items, you can use the filter that Current Item → Name is equal to “Chair”, and this will give you only those items which name is “Chair”.

If you choose the filtering criteria which is unique to each item in the list, you will end up with a “single-item” list (search in the forum with this keyword, you’ll find quite a lot of info).

Then you can create 4 “single item” lists and set them up in a way you need.

However I’m not quite sure what do you mean by “only one item in a list. I want to display all items in a list individually” as this is a bit contradictory :slight_smile:


Hi Victor

I want to display each list item as I will use a countdown to perform a different action on each item in the list.

If I were to place a countdown in the list, all items will be subject to the same action. Hope this makes sense.


Hey Jay @eduscvs,

One option is to create 4 “single item” lists as I’ve mentioned above.

However there are 2 more options possible, with only 1 list:

  • add several countdown timers to the list, make them conditionally visible based on required criteria (so that only one countdown will be visible for a certain item type), and add the necessary action(s) to each countdown.
  • add just one countdown but make the actions themselves conditional (this will work if you don’t have a lot of actions for each item type).

Hope this helps.


Thanks Victor

Sounds like plan…will try this

Best Regards