How to ensure countdown timer applies for each record in a collection

I had posted a related question on How to clear cache of an input field, but wanted to separate this request from it.

Following the related question, I have counters running for multiple records at a time in the same collection. But no matter what I do, the counter that ends first updates the respective record as expected and “cancels” all other running counters.

How can I ensure that each counter action retains the assigned time and updates the respective record based on set actions when the timer ends?

@Mosses I think you start the counters one after the other instead of all at once.

Maybe @Victor can give you a better answer, he had a tutorial about this earlier.

If it suits your use case you can set the list to only display one item, and then the countdown must work one at a time. In this case it’s a delete action.

UPDATED (May 15)

Added what I’m attempting and difference scenarios for a better explanation. Also, added an Adalo preview if it’s easier to read than the attached image.

Thanks @theadaloguy That approach is interesting as well but wouldn’t apply in my case need. I tried to update my discription but seems to have passed the deadline. I just added it as a reply. Hope it gives a better idea of what I’m attempting.

@bhanu @Victor your inputs are highly appreciated as well

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