Setting an image as "Rounding" style will have no effect if the image is set as "no crop""

I am interested in displaying the images on the home screen with rounded corners, and for that I use the “rounding” option from Edit style section. But if I set the image to “not crop”, as I want to see the entire image, the rounding setting that I’ve configured previously will have no effect. If I set the image as “crop”, then I can see also see the rounding effect.
Is this a known thing? Is there a way to have rounding styling on images configured as “no crop”?


This would of course be entirely dependant on the aspect ratio of the image you are using.

If it is square ratio 1:1 then the rounding effect will be perfect whether cropped or not.

If the ratio differs from 1 to 1 then the rounding effect will only work if it is cropped to “fit” that bounding box (which is a 1:1 ratio).

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