MultiSelect Drop Error and No Record on Database

Hi Everyone, could you please help me with setting up multi drop-downs? My current setup doesn’t update records and I don’t get it why. I want a user create their Company and selected Payment Typ

I have

DB User
DB Company
DB Company Payment Types

During registration, when a user has provided some basic information about them and then details about a grocery, then they get to a screen with extra questions and I use multi dropdowns, one of them is Company Payment Type multi dropdown. They pick one or several types, and the information pops up well, but when I test it I get an error message “Action cannot be completed” though I see my choices with a tick selection. The problem is it doesn’t update the database.
I’ve set up a relationship:

  1. Company Owner - One User can One Companies, One Company can have Multiple Users
  2. Company Payment Types - One Company can have multiple Payment types, Payment Types can have multiple companies
    In the dropdown settings, I select Action Update - Current Payment Type, and there I set “Add LoggedIn User”
    Unfortunately, I don’t see something like “add current company”

Hope I gave a clear description and enough details. Thank you so much!

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Hi @Danil,

You need a many to many relationship between the Users collection and the Company Payment Types and then you can update that property in the multiselect dropdown component adding a Update Logged in user action and then for that many to many relationship property you can populate that with add current company payment type.

Would you able to show your setup and the preview through a video? That would be great here to understand the issue that you are facing properly.

Thank you

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Thank you, Dilon!
With that scenario I get transaction types recoded into User DB, but how do I make sure it goes in Company DB? Users are Business owners, one company can have several owners, so I need to let them create their company profile with attributes related to a Company, not to Users, where payment type is one of the attributes.

Or I didn’t understand something in your scenario?

Thank you for you help!

Hi Danil,

You mean the user creates his company profile in the company collection and then you need to store the selected payment types in that user’s record in the users collection as well as in that company collection record?

Let me know if I got this correctly!

Thank you

Yes, but it doesn’t have to be stored it in the user’s database, only in the company’s database. The only what I’m trying to achieve here is that when I have company collection and allow there to see details by company, I would want a company to be associated with a specific user who created it. so logged-in users would swipe companies, see details, and a user owner who made a record about it.

Ok so you need like User provide some info and then has to select some payment types for the company profile and store them on the company dB and then the user creates the company profile?

First, user creates User profile, then he selects if he a customer of or business,
then if a business he creates a company profile (that can be owned by several users) and stores in the profile all basic descriptive information, on the next screen he gets multiple choice questions including payment type (all data about the company to be stored in Company dB), then he gets to the dashboard screen. Hope it clarifies.

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Oh… I see :nerd_face: Thanks for this details, Danil!

So store the selected payment types in the company dB for that user’s record?

For this you need to create a record on the company dB before coming to this screen. And then in this screen you can update that current record and in the multiselect dropdown for payment types you can populate that relationship created between the Company dB and Payment Types dB in the update action as add current Payment Type.

And you can do the same for other ones too.

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Thank you, will try

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