Setting up collections correctly for rewarding users

Hi, I’m trying to incentivize the behavior of my users for things like “follow us on twitter”, “Share on instagram”, etc. I’ve created a points system, but am having trouble making my “list” appear correctly in Adalo.

I have a Users Collection and a Rewards collection where the specific rewards are defined (number of points). The rewards collection is defined as “many to many” since “follow us on twitter” can be completed by multiple users and there are multiple different rewards. Number 1, is that the correct setup? In the rewards collection, I have created a true/false of “reward collected”. What I would like to have happen is: 1. User clicks on collect reward in the list > 2. trophies are added to the user’s account > 3. reward disappears from the list of rewards that can be collected.

What’m having an issue with is the last part of making that specific reward disappear for the logged in user after it’s been collected. Obviously, if user A collects the “connect my account to facebook” reward, it needs to disappear from his list, but not from User B. I’m missing something from somewhere whether it’s filtering or conditional visibility of the reward set somewhere. Any thoughts on how to proceed? Am i thinking about this correctly?

My list is setup as: List of “Rewards” filtered by “all rewards”

Make sure to properly relate users and rewards (many to many) then, when an user collect a rewards, just add current reward to user. Then on your list set the filter like reward - user - email is equal to logged in user.


This is where i seem to be having trouble. I have configured the relationship between users and rewards to be many to many already. When i go to filter my list, i don’t have an option to filter the way you suggest.

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