Endless Loop Problem

I’m currently developing an app for swimming rewards. In the app, users receive badges once they win a reward. I’m encountering a main issues. The badges that users have won are also appearing in the section for unearned badges. When I try to adjust the visibility settings in Adalo, I encounter a problem with conditional logic, leading to an endless loop in the settings. How can I resolve these issue, and why are my visibility settings behaving this way?

Thank you
Here’s the pictures of the problem :

I think here you want to adjust the list filter, rather than the visibility.

You should be able to filter the list to “users earned” contains “logged in user”.

Guessing your database setup there, but maybe that points you in the right direction.

In the first list, I’ve already filtered out items to only show those relevant to the “logged-in user.” For the second list, which displays all available badges, I want to adjust the visibility settings so that badges already earned by the user are not displayed a second time.

Yes so that will be a list filter, rather than a visibility setting.

Filter badges so that badge ‘members earned’ does not contain logged in user.

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Okay so i tried to filter badges like you said but all i have is another endless loop like in the visibility settings…

Ok so this means the relationship might not be the correct type you need. Relationship between users and badges should be many-to-many, and I would name it “users-earned” from the badge side, and “badges-earned” from the user side.

You are going to current badge > users > etc, but you should already have the option of current badge > ‘users-earned’

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OMG FINALLY it worked, thank you so much for your help !!!

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