Directory and user access


I am new to Adalo.
I want to create a directory and I would like each person registered in the directory to be able to modify some of their data and in particular their description. I can have between 200 and 2000 referenced people and it would therefore be necessary for the referenced people to have access to modify their description but not the description of other people.
Is it possible and do you have the solution?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Juano,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

You can have a One to Many relationship in that collection to store the creator and then you can show/hide the edit button based on that property. Like Current Directory > creator’s ( one to many rel ) > email > is equal to > Logged in user’s > email. Or you can add the same condition to the Link action that goes to the edit screen to make that link conditional.

Like if you see here this is for comments. Only the creator can edit it! : Building a simple comments section - #2 by dilon_perera

If you still can’t figure out show your database and current setup and we will help you!

Thank you

hi dilon,

thank you very much for your quick response!
I will test it and get back to you if needed!

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Hello Dilon,

I have related my list to my collection 1 and I would like that when I click on an element of this same list, elements of my collection 2 are displayed (according to the element that I have chosen in the collection 1)

Is there an alternative to creating a new page for each item in a list and then linking to that page? Or can the details show directly
(like on glide)

Hi Juano,

Ok so first you need to relate the collection 1 and collection 2 with a relationship property. The relationship from three options depends on what you need to do. But I’m guessing that you are trying to do like collection 2 can have many records of collection 1 and collection 1 can only have one record of collection 2.

Is it possible to show your Database and explain like what you need?

Then you can link the list that connected to the collection 1 to a new screen and add another list there and select collection 2 and filter it by current data.

Another Glide user here!

Thank you

ok thank you!

that’s the way I did it. I wanted to make sure there was no other way than to add a new window :slight_smile:
glide is intuitive but less customizable than Adalo and not possible to export to the playstore…
Adalo is pretty cool!

You mean new screen? If you need to show the collection 2 records for that collection 1 record you can add a text component inside the main list ( list that connected to the collection 1 ) and then make the text component a list by clicking the three button on the text component and connect that to the collection 2 collection and filter it by current collection 1 data. Or you can add a list directly and connect it and filter it.

If you need more help this video made by Nathan will help here! : Adalo List within a list - grocery categories (No audio) - YouTube

Yeah. You can customize with CSS but it’s not full secure :slightly_smiling_face:



people wishing to modify the information concerning them must imperatively authenticate?

Can’t the app just recognize the email address that downloaded the app? I think it’s possible but I can’t. But i am Francophone, not an expert in English… :smiley:

You who know Glide well, during the test (preview) it is quite easy to switch from one user to another to have the rendering according to the user, is it possible on Adalo?

Thanks very much for your valuable advices

There information? ( Profile) Or the records that user’s created?

If you already Logged in and close the app and open again then you don’t need to Login again the app knows you! To do that you need to make the Home screen as the Home screen ( select the home screen> click on the name> and set the navigation type to Home screen) and Signup or splash screen to welcome screen.

Yeah I know that. But in Adalo you need to Logout and then Login as other users.

> There information? ( Profile) Or the records that user’s created?
Yes it’s like a directory. There are visitors who can consult the lists of people and the people registered in the directory can edit some of their data.

For these people to be able to edit their data, must they necessarily be “users” on database?

> If you already Logged in and close the app and open again then you don’t need to Login again the app knows you! To do that you need to make the Home screen as the Home screen ( select the home screen> click on the name> and set the navigation type to Home screen) and Signup or splash screen to welcome screen.

on glide the password is not necessary (it recognizes the registered email address), but on adalo it is necessary?

sorry for all these questions!
but I would like it to be as simple as possible for users to access the application (no password even for the first time) and modify their data (one text and adding one or two photos)
Thanks again!

I believe you already have filters and conditions so that only the user who created can edit? Then that user/users need to login. ( has to be in the Users collection ) If you don’t set conditions then every users can create and edit others data.

Yeah. In Adalo for Signup and Login the email and password is compulsory. But if you don’t need to add the password you can remove it and add that on the automatic section ( I believe you are using a form ) and fill it with a value like 123. And then try again. But for Login you need a custom form here.

You need a Input component , a button as a list ( you can make the button as a list by clicking on the three buttons > make a list ) that connected to the Users collection and filtered by email > is equal to > Other components > input ( input component name ) and set the maximum records to 1 and add a Login action that you can find in More > User Login > Log in. And for the email you can add the input from magic text and for the password you can add the password that you added in the signup form ( in my case it’s 123 ). For every user same password and don’t let the user to change ( I believe you don’t because you don’t need a password like Glide ) and it’s because then this will not happen and you will get a error.

Check a similar template that can signup and login with the phone number… : Free template Login/Signup phone number based

No Problem Juano!

For the password I have added in the above post. In your edit form you can remove the properties you don’t need to show. Hope I get you correctly!

Thank you Dilon you are good advice! :smiley:
I just have a small problem concerning the modification of the data by the user.
I added an “edit” icon on the right in the app bar on the people description page.
And I did the following → Click action → update user, Record → Current User, When does this happen → Sometimes, This action will only happen if… → Logged in User is Equal to Current user
But nothing happens during the test, should I add an action to open a form?

Too bad the icon in App Bar cannot be invisible to “visitors” and visible to logged in users. Or I should add a button somewhere other than in the app bar

To edit there profile right?

You can make the action as Logged in user 's email > is not equal > to empty.

If you need to make that visible/invisible you can do that with App Bar icons. For this you can turn off that app bar icon and then add a icon from add components section there and add the above condition as a visibility condition and then group the icon and the app bar ( select them while clicking shit key and click make group on left side ) and in the group on the edit styles set the fixed type to top. And test it!

Wooow, that’s a quick and clear answer! I will test this.

Thanks again

This is perfect for the icon!
It appears fine when the user is logged in. Thanks for the tip.

Regarding data editing: nothing happens. When I click on the icon there is a small loading but nothing is displayed.
What is supposed to happen after a click action Update?
Otherwise I would have to add a link to a form that only logged in users can see.

Cool! Your Welcome!

What are the actions that you have added? Can you add some screenshots? You can add a Link action to a screen that has a form and then you can update!

Yes, I’m going to favor action link over action update because I don’t see how it works. There is nothing displayed after the update action (I tested several actions and rules without success) Too bad.
thank you!

You are adding a update action? If it is the values will update and then it will stop.