Sharing Database in Adalo

I have created an app. Then I shared the database and wanted to create a webapp with the same database so that I could launch it for PC too. But it’s not sharing the database.

In the database only the 4 default collection come (chat app and webapp template)

What do I do?

Did you follow this tutorial, Adalo | Share Database? You’ll want to make sure you select Advanced Options and select the app that your3 sharing the database from.

Hey @ashley I followed the directions as I have the same need as prakharm8 and found the same problem. This setting to share the DB doesn’t seem to work. I’ve recorded a screen video here to demonstrate the issue:

Go from an existing app with a database to create a new app and select the “Share DB with an existing app” option

The end result is that the new app has the default DB (depending on the template chosen) and does not share the DB. Having two apps (web and mobile) that share a database is a VERY common need, so this is an important feature. Can you confirm this is a known issue and that the team is working on fixing it?

I found this other thread that describes the issue: Sharing Database in Adalo. Please help it appears that you HAVE to select a blank template when creating the new app. Selecting any other template will cause it to create a new DB, even if you select the shared DB option.