Should I design then hire or hire then design?

Im wondering should I design my app 1st and then get help from someone to help make all the connections. All advice is appreciated.
Im currently trying to build an app that has a daily journal/check in feature and a feature almost like a workout app that has different meditation exercises for different situations.

Looking forward to any advice and input.


If you want a quick result, but may not be pretty, build first, once you are comfortable with the functionality, progressively change the design, nice design takes some time to show up.

If you want to impress most of the people, not necessarily the users, you can choose to focus on the design first and later if the design can be implemented using components inside Adalo, it can conform nicely, otherwise, workarounds will be needed.

Ideally, somewhere between, so you have at least wireframes of what information should be displayed, asked for what users at what activity they will use.

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In my opinion to build a good app here you need to know your database structure before or at least very early on in design. Otherwise it could be really hard to make your design come to life.


Ditto. Makes total sense! I’m back tracking now. I’m a designer so I put so much focus on aesthetics that I often forget about functionality :expressionless: Thanks so much for your input.

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No problem!

If you need any help, don’t be afraid to ask!


The good part about Adalo is that it’s fairly simple. I read that you are a designer so creating a good app shouldn’t be a problem but when it comes to functionality, that’s where you might get stuck. If it’s a project with a deadline, i’d suggest consulting with a developer (such as me) to help you out but otherwise go ahead and experiment.

For additional help:

I do have a have deadline and I have hit a wall on some of the connections. How do I speak with you about helping me move things along?

To maintain the confidentially of your app and avoid it getting open to the public before launch, you can drop me a personal message via Adalo or email me at and we can discuss it further.