Show "Today" dynamically

Hi everyone - I’m new to Adalo and excited to be here.

Been going through the Adalo YouTube channel + help docs and couldn’t find a simple answer sorry if I missed it…

How do I use MagicText (or other method) to display the day name.

E.g “Thursday” (as today is Thursday)
And if someone goes into my app tomorrow it says “Friday”

Thanks and looking forward to learning more!

Hey there, just add in a MagicText anywhere, look for the “Current Time”. Click on the output, select Day of Week.


Edit: You could also use “Start of Today”, but I think it’s better to use “Current Time” so it’s more real-time (pun not intended :joy:)


Brilliant @vancewong - thank you so much!

I added Current Time but never checked the Date Format dropdown :sweat_smile:

Adalo is really powerful and has a lot of things already built in. I’m going to make a few silly apps / clones to experiment so I can get a handle on the flow and then try and make some things I have planned.

This is going to be fun, thanks again!

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