How to display date using magic text

Sorry for the poor English.
I’m Japanese.
I wanna display date using magic text.
For example Start of Today .
I can change format .
So l want to know how to display next day like 8days after ,15days after, 20 days after and so on using magic text

I try it using Custom fomula,but I can’t
Please help me

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Hi @crubushi008,

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As I can see from your screenshots, you are trying to display “Slots Data” property in your list, and instead of displaying a data it shows “18825.625”.

This happens because “Slots Data” is a TEXT type of property.

In order to be able to display date / time and to format it correctly, you need to use Date or Date&Time property type.
Please note that you can make mathematical operations with the values in these properties. The data is stored as a number, in the format XXXX.YYYY, where XXXX is a integer part representing number of days since 01/01/1970, and YYYY is a fractional part representing part of the day. This is always stored in GMT+0 zone, Adalo adjusts the presentation to user’s time zone automatically.
So if you add 10 to a date+time property, this means that you added 10 days to it. If you subtract 0.5, this means that you subtracted 12 hours.

Hope this helps.

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks for your reply.
I Made it !

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