Signature can't save as an Image?


Been reading the forum trying to figure out this Signature component (Honestly, ALL components that are not self explanatory should come with a short document explaining how to use them. Considering who this platform is built for: non-coders who may not be super tech-savvy…there’s no way they’d be able to figure out some of this stuff).

Is there no way to save the signature captured by this component as an Image instead of a big long string of text? I don’t get it. What’s the point of that?

I’m building something where my employee needs to complete a form, sign it, then uses Zapier to send an email including all the detail of the form including a signature and “signed on date” field etc.

I can’t find any way to actually save the image. I can see the signature inside of an Image component…but don’t see any way I can capture it as an image within a collection.

Am I missing something, or is that functionality just not in the component? I think in order to save a signature for each of my users I’d have to just get them to write their signature, take a picture of it myself then save it in the collection then just re-use the image all the time (so, they’re not actually signing it, just inserting the image of their signature)…which kinda defeats the entire purpose of them being able to sign?

I have not used the feature yet, but their is a discussion of this component here Signature not displaying in Image component there was a bug at the time which may be fixed by now about displaying that in Adalo. The text string you see is base 64 encoding of the image data. You will need to decode that into an image to have a jpg. Best Online Base64 to Image Decoder / Converter is one place I found with Google that does that there appear to loads of options.
This is not a total answer to your question but some info to shed a bit of light

Yes I understand there are decoders available however none of them were APIs I could integrate to send the base 64 code and retrieve an image back to put in my app’s database as an image.

The image element in Adalo will display the image URL in-app but I would like to embed the actual signature image in the email sent to appropriate person.

Maybe I can figure out a way of, instead of sending an email, keep all the information in-app and send a notification to the staff who need it whenever a form is submitted and they can just view it in-app instead of in an email. Will have to figure something out because I do need a signature.

This API looks like it might do it - there is a cost but does not look too bad if you have a lot of traffic and the free version looks like it would allow you to do tests in development

I haven’t tested it, but I may just be able to use the image base64 URI embedded in an email composed with HTML by using

I’m not sure I’ll need to capture signatures anymore anyway but worth checking out just to see if it works.

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