Signature Component (new in marketplace) - Possible to capture image?

Hi everyone

Has someone tried out the new signature component? Is it possible to save the ‘signature’ area as an image in any collection?

Please share if possible. Thanks.

Great question @tjd_15. I just checked the component myself and it seems that it stores the image in its base64 format. You would need to find an API service that can decode the base64 format and send back the url of the decoded png image. You could use a custom action to call that api and store the result alongside the collection you save the signature to, as an image field.

Thanks Colin.

Any documentation on the specific component, on how to use it (eg how to pass values to via API to external service etc).?

Please keep us updated if its not ready right now, but will be in the future. Thanks again.

You can find documentation about custom actions here: Accessing your Record ID - Adalo Resources

Can you please describe, In which location it will save? I couldn’t find the signature image anywhere.


First you will need to create a property within a collection to store this base64 code. An obvious choice would be to add it as a property within the User collection and call it “Signature”. This should be a text property.

Then with the signature component selected, you want to add a new action to “Update > Logged in user” (Orwhatever collection you use) then in the Signature property we just created, you can add the “Signature Image” as the data to be held there. As seen in the screen below:


Hi Colin.
Thanks for the explanation. This is what I was looking for when I posted the question originally to initiate this topic.
Honestly, this should have been a part of launch documentation. EG Without you explaining to save image as text property, we wouldnt have known. I saved it as an image initially and tried to retrieve it in webview screen.
Point is every component in the marketplace definitely needs its own help doc. I know you’re not the single developer who made all the components, but its difficult to use certain components without the level of explanation you provided.
For now I’m still trying to understand Randomizer & FriendlyURL.
Hope you can push this in your team meetings as a genuine need. Thanks.


I totally understand and you are not alone. I will be sure to bring this up with the team today at our meeting. In the mean time someone has already made this a feature request which you can view and vote on here: Make documentation for new components in Marketplace mandatory | Voters | Adalo

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