Signature not displaying in Image component

Hi, I’m struggling to display a signature in an image component. I have a signature, which was created using the signature component. The signature has been saved in text field in base64 format. For the image component, I have set the image source as URL and specified the signature field (text/Base64) as the source. When I do this, the signature does not display in the image component. If however I paste the Base64 text in the image component’s URL source field, the signature displays. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

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This appears to be a bug. The magic text should function exactly the same as pasting it in manually there. I have reported it to the team.

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Same here.

I tried opening the image as an external link by giving the image URL as the target link, I get a blank page in the browser. If I paste the image URL directly in browser starting from ‘date:image…’ it shows up accurately. So clearly image is being stored correctly.

Good to see progress made on the component after I posted about it at launch here. Hope this last step will also be resolved as its a really useful component.

Update : I’ve used the Web-View component instead of the image component to display the signature ‘image URL’. Its working. Web-view needs to be resized a little bit on your screen to at least equal the size of the signature-pad on the ‘Signature’ Component to avoid the ugly scroll-bars we normally see on the Web-View sometimes.

The Image Component, however, still doesn’t display the signature from ‘image URL’.


Thanks, that’s awesome! It’s not perfect as you’ve highlighted, but a whole lot better than no image. It’s a pity you can’t crop a web view component.

Not crop, but resize

To clarify, you can resize a Webview component - if that’s what you mean that you couldn’t do it.
Just drag and drop into an app screen, then resize using any of the corners or the edges.

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