Signup for Coaching Template not working


new user here. Created an app with the coaching template, and tried to signup but nothing happens in the browser. Devtools shows… 403 forbidden. What am I missing here?



Welcome to the community @doublem :sunglasses:

You may need to delete the signup action on your signup screen and add it again. If you run into an issue with the signup after that, I recommend recording your screen or providing screenshots of your signup flow so that we can better analyze the situation.

You can use Loom to record your screen for free.

Hi again :wink:

it’s just the plain template without modifications. I noticed signup works in preview but not on the site the “share” button refers to.



Did you delete the signup action and add it again as I had mentioned?

there is no trash icon for that action?

Delete the form and add the form again. Do not copy, delete, then paste. Literally drag a new form component into the screen and configure it again.

recreated the form but no change. still a 403 forbidden for the db. I checked deeper and see the response {“message”:“This app is not published”} which is strange because it is published

ah found this one Cannot update, create or delete (403 forbidden) - #3 by Adalo_CXTeam

@doublem try again!

Got a reply from Adalo Team!

It was a temporary error that has been reverted by Adalo and should be working now. If you still have an issue, please Submit a Support Ticket here: Submit a Support Ticket

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