Cannot update, create or delete (403 forbidden)

Hi, got a 403 forbidden access in my app when create, update or delete in any collection (working well on read) was working for month until today, anybody have the same problem ?
Working well on preview only (in editor)

I see the same problem!

Hi @Swapp
We have received your ticket and are actively working on this.

@ventru If you haven’t already, please submit a ticket about this so we may collect all the required information to troubleshoot this.

Thank you!


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Ok @Adalo_CXTeam! I can open a new ticket. By the way, checking the response I see the following error message:
{“message”:“This app is not published”}

Hi @Swapp, did you find out why this is happening?

hello @ventru,
I didn’t get an explanation from support but my problem was solved. I have an automatic user creation in my app (maybe it’s related?) tell support to look at my case resolution it might help their research.

Hi @ventru! We’re currently investigating this issue and seem to be close to a resolution - we’ll update you as soon as we’re able to solve this.

If anyone is on the free plan, and is facing this issue, request you to kindly Submit a Support Ticket so that we can collect the required information and keep you updated on the progress.


@Swapp and @ventru :

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