Simple Math via Custom Action with Airtable


Thank you as always for the community support.

I am building an e-commerce app with Adalo and Airtable, and having an issue with the concurrent order solution. I have reviewed older posts with similar topics, yet there was no answer.

My app is a market place for vintage chairs. It’s usually selling 1 piece of furniture per product page.

I am trying to set up my app to behave in the following and facing a problem at the last step;

-User put items in their carts (this will mirror the Airtable product row on Adalo’s local “cart items” collection.
-User enters the shipping address (this will create an entry on the “order” collection, with conditional shipping fees based on the entered address)
-User completes the payment process, which triggers the custom action to update the Airtable’s quantity row, from 1 to 0.

I assumed this can be achieved by setting up a custom action for the stripe payment, by sending a “PUT” action toward the Airtable base.

How can I setup my custom action to operate a simple math of “QUANTITY - 1”?

Thank you in advance for your time.

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