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I have 2 collections: Users and modules.
A user has one current module (one ton many relationship)

A module is just a sound to listen.
When the user is in the current module, I want a button to change the current module to the next module. If current module’s name is 3 I want the new current module is 4.

With a button I can update the current module but I can’t update it with another module (and especially with the next one)

With a list I can filter modules to find the current one but not only the next one.


Hey there @Nirvana

Maybe this can help:

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Thanks, the video is perfect. Some trics are so usefull.
I understood you need to deal with the invisble input field to use database correctly.

I tried to do the same thing with only one screen. When I change the current_song with the new one, sometimes it does refresh with the new song, sometimes it doesn’t.
The database is always correctly updated but I have to close the preview and reopen it to see the changement.

Any idea ?

I have a faster way of doing this now after a few weeks of playing around with it. @pushingpandas had asked me about this also.

I’ll create a tutorial tomorrow for yall. :gem:


Let me know when your tutorial is online.

cant wait!

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