Slow chat issues

After 10-15. Chats are in the window the typing and the send button start slowing down. After about 25 chats it stops working.

When will this be fixed?

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Please an answer would be great. If it’s a known issue and a fixable issue I will continue building and wait for the fix. If not there is no sense in continuing our build for this specific app!



Hi @CopyThat, for faster support, please send issues through:

In regards to the problem at hand, when you say 10-15 and 25 chats, do you mean messages sent or conversations started?

15 Messages in a conversation seems to get slow. I don’t know why but I removed the read receipt process and it got better. Still has a delay tho

Perhaps you could try setting a max number of messages to be displayed in that list to 5 to 10 with a button above that to load earlier messages. This is very common in all chat tools.


you can’t do that. if you filter to show only 20 messages it has to be sorted OLDEST to NEWEST and it only show the old messages at the top. message 1-20 are shown and you can’t see the new messages at the bottom. The only way to do it is to flip sorting NEWEST to OLDEST but it puts messages at the top not the bottom of the thread!!

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