SMS Verification during Sign Up

I set up a sign up form that randomly generates verification code. The next screen the user has to enter the verification code they get sent through Twilio integration before they are allowed to move onto next screen. However, when I try to set up action that only allows user to proceed if the verification code entered matches the logged in user’s verification code, I cannot find that logged in user’s verification code field in the must equal value.

Can someone tell me how to troubleshoot?

You need to display the user from a list of users filtered to current user > otp = otp input AND current user phone number = input phone number.

how do I display the user? what do you mean by current user > otp

And what is otp?

One time password. So when you sign up the user, save the verification code (I called it otp) to the user’s collection.

If you have a list of users, you will see ‘current user’ data. So current user > otp would be data you can access.

Sorry, I’m not following the steps that I need to make to fix this.

This is what I’m seeing when I try to only allow user to proceed if they enter correct verification code → I don’t see Verification Code as an option under Logged In User

Can you explain how I can save the otp to the user’s collection? Do I need to create a separate collection that is just for otp data?

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You need to create a number property in the users collection to store the code for use it in the condition like Nathan mentioned as otp! Then you can use that property in the condition as logged in user > code > is equal to > input.

Check this video made by @Flawless that he do this with the Abracadalo API but same thing and only the API changes. : How to verify a user's email address upon registration using Adalo - YouTube

Thank you

I did create a verification code in the users database. I can’t call it in the condition in the next screen

Switch the condition like this. Before doing that change the when does this happen drop-down to always and again select sometimes and then add the condition as Logged in user’s > Verification Code > is equal to > Verification Code Entered.